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Digital Workshop 1 & 2

In these workshops students will learn new techniques for working in Photoshop, Lightroom and a multitude of other new software programs. In addition, theory and practice of color management will be covered and students will have the opportunity to integrate these tools into their digital skill set.

Digital Impact: The Truth of Photography

This class will include readings, critiques, and discussions examining critical theory in the digital age. Artistic conception, workflow and production have expanded dramatically with the introduction of digital media techniques. This course will explore the relationships between these points and the paradigm shift in how creative conception and workflow is interpreted in this new era.

Independent Project

In this initial class students will, through lecture and readings, be exposed to ideas of how to create and execute a project. Topics include time management, project inspiration, project proposals, and schedules for the production of the work.

Professional Practice 1,2,3,4,5

In these seminars students will interact with leading professionals in the field (curators, gallery directors, picture agency directors, and others) to cover a wide range of topics including museum/gallery perspectives in the United States and internationally, editorial and contractual issues for clients, book-publishing issues, pricing artwork, networks, websites and blogs.

Seminar in Contemporary Issues 1,2,3,4

This seminar acquaints students with contemporary photographic/art practices. It examines specific models and matrixes that define current trends. Topics will include: topologies/mythical realities, art/photography and the social milieu, photography/sculpture/art and documentary practice.

Alice Rose George

Alice Rose George is a New York City based independent photography editor and curator, who has worked extensively with private and corporate collections, American and foreign book publishers and magazines.