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Saleem Ahmed, Class of 2014 featured on Another Place

These photographs were made in East Philadelphia, a place that does not actually exist. It is a combination of neighborhoods and communities that I explore on a daily basis with my camera. It is home to a diverse mix of cultures, where industrial landscapes meet street art and normal oddities. This is my new home, and a record of what I experience. - Saleem Ahmed

Check the work out here

Happy New Year from the Hartford MFA!

2015 is off to an exciting start with applications rolling in and new alumnae projects launching!

Here are just a few links to check out and bookmark:

Zatara Press

A New Photobook Publisher, A Place For Uniquely Designed and Collaboratively Crafted "Artist's Styled Photobooks" - Arriving Late January 2015, Andrew Fedynak (Class of 2014)

this is sausage

Application Deadline Approaching

Call for Applications

Application Deadline: January 14, 2015

Daniel Reuter at IMA Concept Store in Tokyo, Japan

January 8, 2015 - Daniel Reuter book signing and talk at IMA Concept Store in Tokyo,Japan

Saleem Ahmed, Class of 2014 Featured on 'the future is NOW'

"What began as a project aimed at dispelling media myths regarding Muslim men transformed into a personal inquiry into the experience of a Muslim man living in the United States. Saleem Ahmed wanders with his camera between two cultures, simultaneously an insider and outsider to both. " Courtesy of - the future is NOW

TONIGHT: Adam J. Long at the Nelosn-Atkins Museum of Art

Join Adam J. Long at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art from 6-8 pm as he talks about his Kenwood Avenue project

Alec Soth comments on the successes of our program

"This success is largely due to the vision of the program’s director, Robert Lyons. ... Robert has helped give the students a global perspective." - Alec Soth

Dagmar Kolatschny's 'Sunny' - now available with Peperoni Books

Dagmar Kolatschny's second monograph entitled 'Sunny' has been published with Peperoni Books