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The New Yorker Reviews 'Grays the Mountain Sends' at Sasha Wolf

Working in a documentary style popularized by Alec Soth, this Texas-based photographer uses portraits and landscapes to sketch a loose but engaging narrative about mines and miners in the American West. An abadoned homestead and the wrecked car collapsed in its driveway are seen against the vista of a pine-dotted mountain so ideal it looks like a painted set. Schutmaat's sites, once magnets for pioneers are now the end of the road, and the men he photographs are there. Somber, stoic, and weathered, these guys may not be defeated, but they're plainly struggling. Schutmaat regards them with brotherly sympathy, and invites us to share in the sentiment.

- Reproduced from the New Yorker, November 24

Bryan Schutmaat is a graduate of the Hartford Art School's MFA in Photography program - Class of 2012. 'Grays the Mountain Sends' was his thesis project completed at Hartford Art School.

Exhibition on view through January 11, 2015 (Sasha Wolf, 70 Orchard St., New York, NY)