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TONIGHT: Geoffrey Ellis, This Must Be The Place at Brett Wesley Gallery, Las Vegas

Please join Geoffrey Ellis of the Class of 2013 for his first Solo Exhibition entitled This Must Be The Place, at Brett Wesley Gallery (1025 South First St. Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV 89101).

Opening Reception starts at 6pm. Click here for gallery info and directions.

Artist Statment (Courtesy of the Artist and Brett Wesley Gallery):

In This Must Be The Place I explore the tensions of a place where an amplified sense of desperation, loneliness, and violence all exist in tandem with power, sexuality, glamor, and good fortune where the consequences and cruelty of life are played out every second.

The Las Vegas I imagine is one not too divorced from reality, where the extremes of luxury and vice are out in the open and the lure of promise draws one in. It is a place that is as seductive as it is repellent.

More about the Artist:

Geoffrey Ellis is a photographer who went to school to be a graphic designer. His dad gave him his first camera way back in 1989, which he used until it was stolen from his car along with a full basket of clean laundry. He publishes photo-zines called Sadkids, and Get Off My Lawn, loves road trips, collecting junk and taking pictures.

He is co-founder of the Vegas Vernacular Project, founder of the Las Vegas Camera Club and was a recipient of the 2007 James D. Phelan Art Award in photography. In 2013 he earned an MFA in photography from the University of Hartford Art School.

He has lived in southern California, all throughout Florida, in Memphis and in San Jose. He currently splits his time between San Francisco’s Mission District and Downtown Las Vegas. He has a beautiful son and daughter, a lot of junk, and one really old cat.