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CENTER Award, Editor's Choice 2014

EDITOR'S CHOICE: Juror's Statement

JUROR CHERYL NEWMAN, Photography Director, Telegraph Magazine & ST Titles, England

I’d like to thank the all the photographers who entered the 2014 CENTER Choice Awards and for making the judging such an exciting and profoundly thought provoking experience. The passionate photography made the process both a pleasure and pain as great images disappeared or progressed to the next round. The artists whose work I had the pleasure to shortlist are committed to their chosen projects, using empathy and imagination to explore the world though their individual photographic language.

For the past few days I have looked at the work on my short list chosen from hundreds of entries after days of deliberation. I have slept on it, which didn’t help, pondered and reflected the different stories, styles and genres. Truth is the work of all of the finalists is very strong and I now have an attachment to all of it.

Morgan Ashcom’s observational images are mysterious and although documentary they are part fact part fiction and have a poetry that I love. Charlie Simokaitis' curious images are layered and ambiguous which I find the provocative and fascinating. I had to rush online and buy a copy of Mateusz Sarello’s awesome book ‘Swell’ as soon as I saw his work.

I would like to congratulate Morgan Ashcom; you are a deserved first award winner. I was drawn into the mystery of your storytelling and the images remain with me.

-- Cheryl Newman, Photography Director, Telegraph Magazine & ST Titles, England