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Points of Departure Exhibition

The Hartford Art School’s International Limited Residency MFA in Photography program is proud to present this inaugural exhibition of student work in conjunction with K├╝nstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin.
The exhibition is divided into two parts, a temporary installation of ongoing personal projects (on view from April 28 until May 10, 2011), and a permanent installation (on view from May 12, 2011- opening from 7 p.m.
The permanent installation presents work the students created in response to a short story. They were given two short stories to choose from, Airplane by Haruki Murakami, and A Country Road Song by Andre Dubus. Their task was to create a body of work, with the story acting as a catalyst to trigger their imagination. The resulting exhibition showcases their responses.
This exhibition contains works by 18 photographers currently enrolled in Hartford Art School’s new International Limited Residency Master of Fine Art in Photography program at the University of Hartford, they are: Andrew Bruah, Jennifer Boomer, Georg Parthen, Dennis Preperato, J Carrier, Tim Carpenter, Nelson Chan, Tricia Hoffman, Charlie Simokaitis, Susan Hayre Thelwell, Carl Wooley, Jennifer Trail, Leo Goddard, Robert Seto, Doug Lowell, JB Fitts, Bryan Schutmaat and Dorothee Deiss.
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