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Chantal Anderson, MFA candidate 2020, among PDN's 30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch

As we look through hundreds of portfolios of photographers recommended to us by editors, creatives, curators and some of the leading voices in professional photography, we are still drawn to striking images, unique stories, original perspectives and a consistent vision. - Conor Risch, PDN

When Chantal Anderson photographs people, she draws on the influence of sculpture and dance, using “light and gesture and the body to create certain shapes.” But she is also trying to engage her subjects in a conversation that makes them “feel like I’m not treating them like they’re an object.” It was her desire to form connections with “people that are more interesting than me” that drew her to photography in the first place, she says. She loves the challenge of making portraits under tight time constraints or in other difficult circumstances. “That pressure to see someone and make them feel comfortable instantly and meet them at whatever place they are in their day” makes assignment work interesting, she explains. Her hope is that her subjects leave a shoot “feeling like: Oh wow, that person saw me.”

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