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American Surfaces and The Photobook at MOMA

Hartford MFA Alumnae books among 'seminal photobooks of the past century'

Congratulations to both Tim Carpenter (MFA '12) and Bryan Schutmaat (MFA '12) whose photobooks have both been included in the current exhibition running in conjunction with the Stephen Shore retrospective at MOMA. On display now through March 18, 2018

As described by organizer Philip Parente, Library Collections Coordinator:

Over the last 20 years, the photobook has become recognized as a dynamic medium for publishing, collecting, and curating. Today more and more photographers conceive of their projects in book form. Even as digital media alter the way we consume photographs, the physicality and tactility of the book continue to captivate artists and readers. Advancements in contemporary bookmaking, such as print-on-demand technology, have made publishing more accessible and exciting than ever. At the same time, collecting and exhibiting photobooks are still relatively new practices, making the photobook fertile ground for exploration and discovery.  

In conjunction with the exhibition Stephen Shore, this installation features seminal photobooks of the past century drawn from the collection of the MoMA Library, with an emphasis on the achievements of Shore and other artists who have focused on the American landscape.

See the full exhibition announcement from MOMA here.

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