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Sur-La-Rouge by Jo Schryer at VU Photo through February 13, 2017

Re-published from VU Photo website:

Investigations approaches the photographic book as a medium of dissemination for the judicial inquiry, the exploration of social and physical landscapes, and the personal quest. Reflecting on investigation as a creative process, the exhibition presents a dozen propositions in the form of photographs, mock-ups, and consultable books. As they undertake to visually represent different kinds of research that in some cases tend towards an ideal of objective truth, and in others towards subjective perception, the artists whose works are included adopt postures which are variously documentary, anthropological, or diaristic--photography serving sometimes as evidence, as a representation of a territorial identity, or as a form of reinterpretation of the real. The group of propositions assembles a certain imaginary of the North American territory--marked by numerous social, political, and personal histories--across which the photo book leads us to travel.

Artists Books shown :

Donald Weber, Michel Huneault, Virginie Rebetez, Ed Templeton, Doug Rickard, Don Hudson, Huger Foote, Louis Perreault, Bertien van Manen, JH Engström, Josée Schryer, Robert Frank

Exhibition imagined by Charles-Frédérick Ouellet