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Amanda James' Sweet Little Lies on the Humble Arts Foundation's 17 Best Socially Concerned Photobooks of 2016

The 17 Best Socially Concerned Photobooks of 2016 According to Humble Arts Foundation (plus one we missed in 2015)

From the Publisher/ Amanda James: The series, "Sweet Little Lies," is about being a mother, a wife, and an artist. The daily snapshots of the Utah landscapes and the parameters of my home serve as a glimpse into my interior concerns. Growing up in a religious community, family was emphasized as being very important. This is where I feel the pressures and expectations of being a wife, a mother, and also a woman. There is an undeniable love that I have for my children, but also unfairness in these expectations. Besides the love and connection I felt with my brand-new baby as I welcomed him to earth, I also felt a loss of self and freedom.