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Congratulations to Adam Long - Class of 2013,MFA Candidate whose work was selected for exhibition in Photo SPIVA's 2013 National Photography Competition.

A truly outstanding article about Doug Dubois' working process. Also an impressive reference list with many familiar names and works! Click on the following links to access this interview:

Follow this link for a brief interview with MFA Candidate, Geoffrey Ellis of the Class of 2013

Top 10+ photobooks of 2012 by Alec Soth Posted in Featured, lists by admin on November 26th, 2012
Faculty member, Dr. Joerg Colberg, focuses on an overlooked aspect of the photobook, discussing the role of design in the making of five modern classics for the British Journal of Photography
This year's selection includes members of our Faculty, Guests and Alumnus J. Carrier
This past summer session saw the first fifteen graduates emerge
NY PERSPECTIVES: Amsterdam discovered by New York photographers
MFA Candidate, J. Carrier has been selected to be a part of the Center - Director's Choice and The Hereford Photography Festival in the U.K.
Please enjoy a selection of photos from our inaugural summer session on campus at Hartford Art School, University of Hartford.