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Tsar Fedorsky's work on Feature Shoot

“I wanted to start a project that was close to home,” says Massachusetts-based photographer Tsar Fedorsky. “The idea originated from feelings I was having about my personal life. While I yearned to experience the broader world, I also recognized that I was quite comfortable at home. I decided to create a photo narrative about a woman who dreams of a larger life.”

In her series The Light under the Door, Fedorsky addresses these contradictions through subtle allusions embedded in the form of a photo narrative. The image of a ladder ascending into an attic; a half-opened door, the long stretch of road unfolding beneath an overcast sky, the playful nuances of light and shade, the double exposure and use of mirrors which hint at other worlds – in all these we can recognize the implied restlessness of the woman. As well as the dreams of escape and the curiosity with the outside world, the photographs also highlight the grounding aspects of home.

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