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TONIGHT: Through the Lens: Portraiture & Self Portraiture at Elizabeth Leach in Portland, OR


Through the Lens examines the process used by a diverse group of nationally and internationally recognized photographers as they explore the genres of portraiture and self portraiture. Each artist in this group uses their unique perspective to convey the mood of their subject whether it be human or inanimate, in a single glance. Justine Kurland and Alec Soth incorporate their subject's immediate environment into their portraits, focusing on the essence of the American experience. Arne Svensen’s controversial portraits taken of unaware subjects from his series The Neighbors, might be interpreted as invasive, while David Hilliard takes a more intimate approach in displaying the mood of his models. Robert Mapplethorpe captures the allure of the celebrity with his portrait of longtime friend Patti Smith, while Isaac Layman uses his unique process to focus on himself to produce a self portrait in keeping with his seemingly minimal yet painstakingly created style. (Courtesy of Elizabeth Leach Gallery)