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Saleem Ahmed, Class of 2014 Featured on 'the future is NOW'

"The transformation of seemingly mundane scenarios by cultural context and juxtaposition guide the viewer through the artist’s experience in a poetic way. Ahmed finds symbols representing his experience in the everyday. We are presented with normal objects and scenes, but they take on new meanings when considered within the bigger picture of culture, history, and current events. Rugs, geometric patterns, eagles and stars become the back and forth of a person living between two cultures. The color red trails through sequences; a taped off box on the sidewalk, the stucco wall behind a security camera, a red door with a patriotic slogan hanging above a mailbox labeled Ahmed. It metaphorically places the viewer within the boxed-in-labels of religion and culture. Color and juxtaposed objects and symbols guide the viewer through Ahmed’s life in between two worlds."

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Tasveer is a beautiful, self published photo book which can be previewed online. It is a small, hand-made edition complete with hand sewn Japanese binding and gold edging.

Saleem Ahmed earned a B.A. in photojournalism from Temple University in 2011. After working in the fast-paced, outwardly focused field of journalism, Ahmed slowed down his process and turned the camera inward to examine his own experience. He recieved his M.F.A in Photography from the University of Hartford in 2014, where he realized the critical one letter difference between taking and making photographs. He is currently based in Philadelphia.