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MOSSLESS Issue Three: The United States (2003-2013) Group Exhibition Brighton

MOSSLESS Issue Three: The United States (2003-2013).... Featuring the work of Andrew Bruah, Class of 2012, among many talented others from Hartford and beyond.

On view April 30 - June 27 at One Eyed Jack's Gallery, 28 York Place, Brighton, England

More about One Eye Jack's Gallery:

One Eyed Jacks is a photography gallery situated in the city of Brighton, home of the world renowned Photo Biennial and Photo Fringe festivals. Located on the border of Brighton’s ‘North Laine’ cultural hub and newly established October 2012, the venue aims to provide a platform for a medium rapidly becoming the 21st century's most collectable art form. One Eyed Jacks aims to showcase artists with a flair for narrative and a keen eye for aesthetics.


The gallery is the creation of photographer, writer, and curator Matt Henry, and works hard to locate and showcase emerging talent from across the globe. By working on a comparatively short lead time, One Eyed Jacks is able to match the pace of change in the Internet era and offer works from new talent at affordable prices. Many of the works sold and showcased have since become highly collectable. Each editioned print comes complete with certificate of authenticity and serialized hologram to match.  

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