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MFA Faculty and Cadidates participate in Fotoweek DC

MFA Candidates Dorothee Deiss and Carl Wooley along with Faculty member Doug Dubois will be included in the NightGallery projection:

100 Portraits / 100 Photographers

Selections from the Archive

Produced by Andy Adams and Larissa Leclair


As an added fine art component to the NightGallery projections, this screening features 100 dynamic portraits from an exciting group of contemporary photographers in all stages of their careers, each selected from the digital archive on Our decision to highlight work from this website celebrates the role that a thriving online photography community plays in the discovery and dissemination of work produced by significant artists in the Internet Era. Contemporary photo culture is marked by a continuous flow of images online, and our aim is to take a moment to recognize some of the noteworthy photographs published in this ever-expanding archive over the past four years. In this context, projected several times larger than life, these portraits look back at us and embody a louder voice in the discourse of the gaze.

Online Exhibition

In the spirit of the public art projection at the festival the curators have mounted an online exhibition, so the global photo community can experience the work of these 100 photographers from anywhere in the world. If you enjoyed these portraits, by all means mention the project in your blog and share it with friends, students and colleagues on Facebook or Twitter.

Fotoweek DC