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Halfway Pretty - Book launch - Opening

The Hartford Art School’s International Limited Residency MFA in Photography program is proud to present a book launch in conjunction with the Kominek Gallery in Berlin.

Book Release Party May 3, 2013  -  7 p.m.

Immanuelkirchstrasse. 25, 10405 Berlin

Ten photographers use the same short story by writer Thom Jones as their starting point. Wipeout, the story, turns into ten sets of photographs, collected here as Halfway Pretty. There was just one rule for how to go about making the pictures: Do not merely illustrate the story. Instead, use it as a spring board for your imagination, to see what you can find in the world that resonates, in whatever way, by whatever means.

"Zehn Fotografen benutzten dieselbe Kurzgeschichte von Thom Jones als Ausgangspunkt. Aus Wipeout, der Geschichte, wurden zehn Foto-Serien, hier erhältlich als Halfway Pretty. Es gab nur eine einzige Regel für die Fotografen: Die Geschichte nicht nur zu illustrieren. Stattdessen wurden sie angewiesen, sich in der Welt umzusehen, zu sehen auf was für Verbindungen sie stossen würden. Wo und wie auch immer."


Images provided by Andrew Fedynak and Jerome Ming, Class of 2014.


The Hartford Art School, University of Hartford is proud to introduce the first international limited-residency Master of Fine Art program in Photography. The program couples intensive on-campus sessions during the summer with a travel component in the spring and fall. The total time to the MFA is 25 months, of which only 10-12 weeks are spent away from your studio. The program is a full 60 credit curriculum of study and allows students the opportunity to study in the program while still residing in their home countries the majority of the time. Our approach offers a “blended learning model” — research, independent study, and online critiques - with on-site classroom learning.

The roster of faculty and visitors will include well-known professors, curators, gallerists, and others in the field of photography from the USA, Europe, Asia and elsewhere. The emphasis of the program is for students to produce a strong body of work with an accompanying publication and to inform the students of the pedagogical forms/methods that can be used in teaching photography.