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Bryan Schutmaat, Class of 2012- Photographs for TIME's Person of the Year

Bryan Schutmaat, MFA Photo - Class 2012 writes:

"I'm still reeling from the fact that I was given this assignment. Along with the brilliant Jackie Nickerson I shot TIME Magazine's "Person of the Year": the Ebola Fighters.

Above is a photo I took of Dr. Kent Brantly, who is both an Ebola fighter and a survivor. Spending time with him and others involved in the struggle against the Ebola epidemic was immensely humbling, and I have to give enormous thanks to Natalie and Kira at TIME for the bet they took on hiring me, not to mention their tireless work."

The story and a ton of photos and media can be found here:

If you want to help the crisis, please consider donating funds to a charity, such as Doctors Without Borders:

And here's a video of an interview with Dr. Brantly on the Today Show where Matt Lauer is hanging out next to a huge projection of a picture Bryan took:

Also, lastly, here's a TIME Lightbox article about the photo-making process with quotes from Bryan and Jackie: