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Amanada James - LensCulture Portrait Awards 2016

Congratulations go out to Amanda James, Class of 2014 ! Her work entitled Sweet Little Lies took 3rd place in Lens Culture's Portrait Awards in the Series category.


About her work Amanda writes:

The series, "Sweet Little Lies," is about being a mother, a wife, and an artist. The daily snapshots of the Utah landscapes and the parameters of my home serve as a glimpse into my interior concerns.

Growing up in a religious community, family was emphasized as being very important. This is where I feel the pressures and expectations of being a wife, a mother, and also a woman. There is an undeniable love that I have for my children, but also unfairness in these expectations. Besides the love and connection I felt with my brand-new baby as I welcomed him to earth, I also felt a loss of self and freedom.

—Amanda James